Twitter Introduces New Colour-Codes And Check Marks For Verified Accounts!

Since Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, the platform has been coming up with new rules and announcements almost every week. Recently, the company’s labels and checkmarks have been updated, complicating a once-simple process. Previously, verified accounts could seek a verification tick from Twitter and if they met the requirements, they would get a blue tick.

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However, now the blue tick denotes two things, according to Twitter: “either that an account was verified under Twitter’s previous verification criteria (active, notable, and authentic), or that the account has an active subscription to Twitter’s new Twitter Blue subscription product and meets certain requirements,” reads the official announcement by Twitter.

Notably, from now onwards, when an account has a gold checkmark, it means that it is a representative of a legitimate company/official business and has a Twitter Blue for Business subscription. Similarly, if an account represents a government official or multilateral organization, then it would have a grey check mark/tick, this would include law enforcement agencies, embassies, etc. 

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Additionally, there are “official labels”, which, according to Twitter, are used by commercial businesses, “including business partners, big brands, media outlets, and publishers. Similarly, labels of state affiliation are present on accounts that are managed by state-affiliated media “and individuals intimately associated with those entities.” 

On the other hand, the accounts “heavily engaged in geopolitics and diplomacy from the primary nations where Twitter operates” are subject to government labels. Moreover, the Twitter Blue for Business has launched its trial programme. As per the information, Twitter will let businesses link their primary accounts with those of their employees in addition to the standard authentication process. 

Though Elon Musk himself is very active on twitter and has been responding to suggestions sent by Twitter blue tick subscribers. However, with the coming changes in Twitter policies and features, there is an all-time heated debate on social media amongst the group of people. While one thinks that these changes are good, the other disagrees with this, claiming that Musk has further complicated many things on Twitter.

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