Scam 2003 Twitter Review: A Gripping Web Series By Tushar Hiranandani And Hansal Mehta

OTT shows these days have created a special space in everyone’s hearts. The storyline, the talented starcast and the convenience of enjoying the show with the comfort of your house is unmatched. 

Recently Scam 2003 was released on SonyLIV on September 1 and it has created a storm on social media. 

This web series is based on the Sanjay Singh’s book Telgi scam which is directed by Tushar Hiranandani and show run is done by Hansal Mehta. Right now only 5 episodes are out but they will be followed by 5 more in the coming weeks. 

Telgi scam is India’s biggest stamp paper scam that shook the nation in 2003. Apart from the gripping story line, the audience has been loving the acting of Gagan Dev Riar as the real Abdul Karim Telgi. With pudgy cheeks and eyes, and unglamorous outfit, Gagan Dev has surely aced the role of Telgi. 

While the reviews of the series are already out, our Twitter users have hailed about this film so much that it is enough for you to decide if you want to see the film Or not. 

Below are some Tweets

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