Twitterati Celebrates The Birthday Of Youtube’s ‘Har*ami Manus’ CarryMinati

Carry Minati aka Ajey Nagar is not only our but favorite YouTuber of lakhs of people. This young content creator has earned more than 30 million subscribers. 

He has made us laugh, made us sarcastic, helped us learn how to give befitting replies and gave us some of the mem templates too. Hence, he is lord in the world of sarcasm, humour and roasting. 

It’s his birthday today, and every fan is as excited as we are. They have made the hashtag #carryminati trend on Twitter and have flooded the Twitter with various super amazing memes and birthday wishes.


Have a look at some of the bestes which caught our attention.

Carry Minati is one of our most favorite content creators and we wish him a very Happy Birthday. 

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