Types Of Fathers In Punjabi Movies. Which One Is Like Your Father?

Fathers have always been thought of as someone who is perpetually strict and controlling, all the members have to organize themselves according to the head of the family. But in reality, it’s not the case, fathers also have different types, they can be gentle, humble, liberal, lenient and friendly.

Earlier movies used to show only one image of a father and that stereotype them but with time movies also evolved and now they show all the varieties of personality that can exist.

Talking about the kind of fathers provided by Pollywood, here is the list.

Sardar Sohi in Angrej – a protective one

Sardar Sohi played a character named Bhagal Singh, it was a comic role but he was able to convey his concern and love for his daughter. He was physically unfit but tried his best to protect his daughter from bad guys. Many fathers are like him, who may not have a single chat with their kids but when it comes to shielding them they do it till the last breath. The kids are blessed to be in their father’s protection.

Jaswinder Bhalla in Carry On Jatta – a satirical father

Advocate Dhillon is an omnipresent father figure who can insult and mock their kids and point out their flaws in a humorous way all day long. He is a conventional Punjabi father and all the Punjabi audience must have related to the movie. This type of father is a mood changer, No one can feel depressed if such a persona is around them.

Yograj Singh in Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo – an epitome of strictness

Najjar Singh was a father who expected unquestionable obedience from the kids. This kind of father figure believes harsh discipline is the key to inculcating good habits in the children. They grab a firm attitude but love and gentleness always reside in them. Yograj also remains strict throughout the movie but by the end, his anger melts for his son’s happiness.

Shavinder Mahal in Rabb Da Radio – a man with principles

Shavinder Mahal presented the character of those fathers who will only act within the boundaries of their principle. Owing to this their love and affection somehow hide behind their rules and regulation. Kids often mistake their strictness for egoism. But the personality of fathers is always compared with coconut, which consists of both the hard and soft side.

B.N. Sharma in Ardab Mutiyaran – jack of all trades

In the movie B.N. Sharma was Ninja’s father. His character is mindblowing, he is the one who tries to retain the family intact and maintain the decorum of the house. He does all the household work, placates his wife, and is friendly to his son. This kind of father is rare and one can use a magnifying glass to locate this type.

Tarsem Jassar in Uda Aida

The character is very traditional and rooted in his culture. However, for his kid’s bright future and love for his family, he bent his ethics and enrolled his son in an English medium school. Though he had to face several difficulties in the process, he didn’t give up. In the end, he was able to prove his point that no language or culture is superior or inferior to others. A father like him is a blessing who is willing to go to every extent for their kids better life and future

Jaswinder Bhalla in Daddy Cool Munde Fool- the wittiest father

In Daddy cool Munde fool Jaswinder Bhalla played a unique kind of father who is a bit amative. At the age where his sons were supposed to get married, he is planning for his marriage proposal. There is a possibility that this type of father exists in the real world but it looks like a fictional one and it is better if the character remains fictional only.

Hobby Dhaliwal in Nadhoo Khan- the dreamer one

He played the role of those fathers who wish to live their dream via their offspring. In the movie, Hobby Dhaliwal was Harish’s grandfather and he encouraged his grandson to be a wrestler. Most of the parents are like this, they are unable to pursue their dreams at their age owing to family conditions hence, they expect their children or grandchildren to pursue their dreams. They feel the adrenaline rush in this way they might taste success. This situation goes both ways, Either the kids do something extraordinary or they develop grudges for their parents.

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You can celebrate this father’s day in the following manner: write a gratitude letter to him, bake a cake, play some games like cards, carom or watch movies and enjoy these reel fathers with your father. Having a father in life is God’s favour, one must cherish his presence. So, never miss any chance to express your love to him.

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