Types of Moms in Punjabi Movies. Which one is like your mom ?

Mothers, whether in real life or in movies, are strongest, cutest and the most important role play. We are sure just like us, you might have also come across such movies in which you witness the characteristics of your mom in the mother’s role in the story of the film. Here we have listed mothers from different films, who help us realise what are the different types of Punjabi moms. Have a look and figure out which type your mom is.

Kiron Kher in Punjab 1984- Emotional yet strong.

Kiron Kher playing the character of Satwant Kaur won our hearts in Punjab 1984. The way she struggles to find her son made us all emotional. She in the movie is the epitome of emotions, who is strong enough to fight for his son. There are moms in the real world, who are just like her, emotional yet the strongest of all.

Rupinder Rupi in Asees- The believer.

Asees without having any A list actor in it, was able to rock the box office, just because of the beautiful plot and acting by Rana Ranbir & Rupinder Rupi. The way she has all her faith on her son, there are moms out there in this real world, who don’t care about what people say but stands by your side every time and everywhere.

Anita Devgan in Jatt & Juliet- Forever loving.

There are some people who are blessed with a mother whose love is evergreen. No doubt, every mom loves her children the same, but there are a few moms who keeps on showering her love over her children almost every time. Such is the character of Anita Devgan in Jatt & Juliet, where we can see her treating his grown-up child, just like a kid.

Sunita Dhir in Kande- One-man army

Sunita Dhir as Jind Kaur in Kande is one of the strongest female characters in Punjabi Cinema. She played the role of a single mother who raises her son, just like her. Like her, there are mothers who are independent and don’t look for any support to raise their children. We get so much to learn from such mothers, because not only they are the strongest, but great influencers too.

Nirmal Rishi in Rabb Da Radio- Religious.

We must agree, there are some moms who are not at all affected by anything happening around in the world. They are so much into their worship and religious thought, and all that she works for is getting things sorted. Yes, just like Nirmal Rishi played as Bebe in Rabb Da Radio.

Gurpreet Bhangu in Ardaas- Most strict of all.

Not all the moms in the world believe in showing off love for her children. Some of them are like Gurpreet Bhangu’s character in Ardaas, as hard as a coconut. And if your mom is one of them, don’t worry, she loves you more than anyone, she just doesn’t want to overdo it.

Nirmal Rishi in Nikka Zaildar- The most powerful.

Here comes the Boss mom, who rules the family. Nirmal Rishi played the character of a strong lady in Nikka Zaildar, just like most of the ladies in the Punjabi families. It is said, the house in which mom rules, everything is organised. Is it true in your case?

Navneet Nishan in Mera Pind- Stylish Mom.

Gone are the days, when mom was supposed to be simple and sober. Nowadays we see moms who are up to mark and rocks trending fashion. Do you remember Navneet Nishan from Mera Pind? She is the role model for all the modern and classic moms out there.

Archana Puran Singh in Tera Mera Ki Rishta- NRI.

And at last but not the least in the list are NRI moms, just like Natasha, played by Archana Puran Singh in Tera Mera Ki Rishta. Now every second house in Punjab has mom who is western and modern, more than anyone else. Otherwise, also, there are a lot of Punjabi families living out there in abroad, that’s why NRI moms are in the trend and important in the list as well.

On Mother’s Day, we feel like it’s the best day to admire our moms because they play the most important role in our lives. To be honest, our life revolves so much around our moms, that we can’t even imagine spending a day without her. From making sure we had our meals on time to getting us the lost pair of socks, she is a blessing for us.

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