Types Of Student In IELTS Coaching Centre Ft. Punjabi Artists Part 2

Have you wondered what’s the traditional attraction of Punjab, Sarson Ke Khet but now it is IELTS coaching centers which you’ll find at every corner. Punjabis are crazy about nestling down in foreign. Canada or ‘Kaneda’ as it is pronounced in Punjab, is now becoming a second home to them.

Not only Punjab but many Indians go above and beyond their means to send at least one family member to Canada. Ask a young Punjabi boy his dream in life and his answer will be ‘Settling down in Foreign’ for sure. And more importantly where they crash first, yes, at the IELTS center. 

Also, if you never went to any of the IELTS centers, you will see the vibes inside the classes. It’s a bet that you will definitely relate to this if you ever attend any classes or not. Scroll down and see types of Students in the IELTS coaching center ft. Punjabi artists.

1. Great Starter


We all identify one or the other student who speaks fluent english at the beginning but slowly jumps to his or her native language. Here’s one you can relate to.

2. Struggling Learner


There’s always a struggling learner in class who practices their speech with friends, communicates with them in english and flaunts their skills. Watch the ones who have to practice with each other as teachers haven’t taught them well.

3. Nibba/Nibbi


A melodramatic couple who wish to go to Canada together but one of them is unable to pass the IELTS paper. No spoilers! Put up your headphones and listen to them.

4. One who fumbles


The one aspirant who always scores well in theory but when it comes to speaking, he/she gets nervous and starts fumbling. We have the best example to relate to. 

5. One who belongs to flirt club


There’s no class in school, college or in any institute where you don’t find a flirty student. The class feels incomplete and sober without them. So here’s the one who entertains or irritates you when you consider girls with his flirty talk.

6. One who never memorize


How can we forget an overconfident aspirant who wants to speak a sentence in English, but only stuck with one word of it and communicates in his native language. Gippy’s ‘Angreji Beat’ is an absolutely relatable example of this type of student in the IELTS coaching centre.

So, can you associate this with your fellow-mates? If yes then, Do let us know your experience in the comment section. Also, this the second part of types of Student in the IELTS coaching centre ft. Punjabi artists. For more hilarious content like this, you can follow Nazaare V/ Punjabi/Desi Memes.

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