Types Of Students In IELTS Coaching Centre Ft Punjabi Singers

Canada is called a mini Punjab. And you already know that right? You probably also know the reason behind it. The people of Punjab are obsessed with foreign countries especially Canada & Australia. They enjoy their childhood, and as soon as they start understanding things, they start their extreme talent of weaving dreams of settling abroad. And to make their dream come true, Ielts centers are there. 

But have you ever wondered what would be the vibe inside an Ielts Coaching Centre? No matter if you have been to one or not, you’ll surely relate and enjoy these different types of students found in Ielts Coaching Centres. 

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1. Over Enthusiastic

Can you imagine entering an Ilets coaching center and not seeing the excited and enthusiastic students? We cannot. Almost every student is excited about their future planning but in Ielts classes there are always some special students who are more excited than expected or required. They are extremely inspired from western culture and miss no opportunity to express their excitement which is on cloud nine.

Want to see the punjabi celebrity version of such students? Sharry Maan is the ultimate answer for you. Have a look at this video and you’ll agree with us instantly.


2. Over Confident 

The confidence level of Punjabis is always behind the required mark. They are brave and courageous to express whatever they feel like without having a second thought about what others will think or talk about them. And such a species of students is also found inside the Ilets coaching classes. 

The ones who are always confident about their answers, their behaviour, and whatever they do are included in this category. They don’t even mind if you miss the opportunity to understand them. 

And the punjabi version of such overconfident students is none other than our favourite and very beautiful Nimrat Khaira. Don’t believe us? Have a look at this video. 


3. I Can Talk English & I Can Walk English

Remember the dialogue ‘I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English, because English is a very funny language’ originally from Bollywood film Namak Halal? 

This is exactly what perfectly defines the kind of students here.

These super amazing personalities are those who believe in adapting perfect pronunciation and accents. 

But we cannot ignore the fact that this special talent lands them to become the topic of gossip in various groups too. We don’t know if others are jealous of them or just trying to find something funny in whatever they say. 

By the way, don’t you think Sidhu Moosewala can perfectly fit this group of students? 


4. The Flirts

Be it school or college, you will always find students who are smart enough to flirt with their teachers. Then how can they manage not to enter the Ielts coaching classes? 

We all have had a crush on some teacher, but not everyone is courageous enough to step forward and enjoy healthy flirting with their teacher. 

We must say such students have fear of none. And these are undoubtedly the coolest students who keep the class entertained.

And according to us Babbu Maan is the only one who can be considered as the celebrity version of such students.


By the way, have you ever tried flirting with your teacher? 

5. Unlucky Aspirants

Have you ever failed an exam even after making enormous efforts to pass or continuous revisions? If yes, this is exactly what these students feel.

These unlucky aspirants are the intelligent ones who manage to ruin their own results. 

Basically these students try their best to try something unique to impress but end up losing scores.

In short, ‘The ones who could have easily scored 9 bands but drop down to 7 while trying to do something different’.

And non one can beat Satinder Satraaj as a perfect celebrity example for such students. 


6. The Evergreens 

Not everyone is made for everything. But this is another truth that not everyone understands. No doubt continuous tries are the key to success, but some people follow this quote too seriously. In Ielts Coaching classes too you can find students who have become the evergreens. The ones who keep trying to score better bands for years are the evergreen ones.

They might spend years in the same coaching centre but won’t agree to leave their dream behind. No matter these students score no fancy marks, but their dedication and level of effort deserve applause. Imagine Pammi Bai in the role play of such students. Sounds good? 


We are sure you enjoyed meeting these different types of students pursuing Ielts. By the way, which category would you perfectly fit in?

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