Udd Gaya Review: A Tale Of A One-Sided Lover That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood Love

The makers of ‘Lekh’ are now all set to hook the audience with the melodious treat from the movie. Titled ‘Udd Gaya’, the first song from the movie’s soundtrack has been released. We don’t think there is a way out from getting obsessed with it. We have already listened to the song on loop and we aren’t in the mood to stop any time soon.

Starting with the audio of the song, we must say that we are highly impressed with the efforts of the team. B Praak has really worked in bringing something new and fresh to us. From his vocals to the music and even the chorus, everything blends so beautifully and creates bliss for not only your ears but your soul too. And we cannot ignore the fact that Jaani too has done a commendable job in penning down the absolutely beautiful lyrics for the first track of ‘Lekh’.

This combination of Jaani and B Praak is often called a ‘hit machine’, and they fulfilled the expectations of the audience. Their work has touched high horizons. Now, coming to the video, like the poster already gives hints that the song will show the love story of a school going boy and girl that is Gurnam Bhullar and Tania, so the video shows the same. 

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If you have been a one-sided lover in school, you can surely relate to the video. It depicts the story of Gurnam who highly adores Tania and follows her. But what grabs our attention is cute-little moments like the one when Tania holds Gurnam’s shirt collar and after that how he started feeling for her even more. 

Not only this, when Gurnam sees Tania everywhere, shows his die-hard love for her. The depiction of the romantic love story of Gurnam’s characters from the film takes our hearts and makes us go ‘awww’ with his loveable gesture towards his lady love. 

When speaking of Tania, we’re sorry to say that we can bet that Tania has never looked as heavenly cute as she looks in this song. Dressed in a school uniform, with two plaits, makes her look so charming. But her looks couldn’t surpass her perfect expression and acting skills. Though she was seen teasing Gurnam several times, their chemistry on-screen is just mind-blowing.

The shots that have been taken in school, ‘pendu’ house and the farms are to be looked upon as it is the purest thing that a viewer can get attached to while watching the video.

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B Praak’s voice, Jaani’s lyrics and Manvir Brar’s direction has absolutely made us get lost in their tunes. In the end, we can only say that the song is surely top-notch and without any shadow of uncertainty, it has also become a public-favourite in no time. And if you haven’t listened to it yet, tap the link below:

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