UK-Based Youtube Channel Beta Squad Upsets Sikh Community, Later Apologizes

A UK-based Youtube Channel, Beta Squad, has been accused of offending the Sikh Community around the world. The channel has over 2 million subscribers on Youtube and their content mostly focuses on comedy and funny videos. Their recent video has, however, become a source of backlash for them.

The Youtube video titled ‘We Pretended To Work At The Grocery Store (Fake Employee Prank), was the group’s comeback video to Youtube after almost a year. The members of the Beta Squad Nikolas Omilana, Amin Mohammed (Chunkz), Kenny Parker (KingKennyTv), Aj Shabeel, Sharmarke Mohamud (Sharky) play a prank on a grocery store. One by one, the members of the Beta Squad are asked to pretend that they’re an employee at the grocery store. The other members direct him to perform various tasks.

It was Sharky’s turn when something happened that did not go well with the Sikh Community. The store was being managed by a 19-year old Sikh guy, who introduces himself as ‘Milan’ during the whole prank. Sharky is instructed by his friends to approach the Sikh guy and say ‘I think it’s Sikh that you are Sick’. Sharky does the same and this was what upset the Sikh Community around the world.

Beta Squad faced immense backlash from the community on their social media. However, the Youtubers were quick to respond to the backlash through their social media. Describing their actions as unintentional, they publicly apologized for their comments in their most recent video. ‘Religion shouldn’t be joked about and we apologise to anyone who was offended by our comments’, they added. They also wrote that sometimes ‘things seem to be a good idea’ but now that they look back upon it, they realize how poor it was.

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