UK Prime Minister Honours Pilot Jaspal Singh For Helping India Fight Against COVID

How Coronavirus has affected India is a secret no more. We all know and the world knows how adversely India is struggling for lives and fighting against this deadly virus. 

Various people from India and across the borderlines are extending their best possible support and help for India to win this unbearable situation. And Mr Jaspal Singh is also one of those kind helpers. Mr. Singh a volunteer of the Khalsa Aid and a pilot who recently flew with 200 oxygen concentrators to India.

His great human deed and contribution were noticed by the Prime Minister of the U.K. Mr. Boris Johnson has awarded Mr. Singh with the Point of Light Award. 

Not only this, but Mr. Johnson also sent him a personal letter which appreciated him for his efforts and the actions of humanity. In the letter, the Prime Minister of the UK wrote he is inspired to know about Mr. Singh’s enormous contribution to India’s battle against Coronavirus.

It is not a story of a long time ago when India’s condition and the shortage of Oxygen had become the biggest issue of all time. This was when Mr. Singh decided and stepped ahead to serve his best possible. 

Ravi Singh, the founder of Khalsa Aid had also shared his picture on his Instagram account on 2nd May when Mr. Singh was all set to fly with 200 donated oxygen concentrators.

While sharing the picture, Ravi Singh wrote, 
“Our own pilot @pilot_jas is tonight flying the Oxygen concentrators to #india on behalf of @khalsa_aid !
Proud of you Mr. Singh and @virginatlantic who are flying these machines free of charge.”

Mr. Singh’s contribution is a beautiful example, inspiration and a call for all of us. No matter how much you can offer, it’s always a good idea to extend your hand to help somebody in need.

We are really proud of Mr. Jaspal Singh and we cannot appreciate him enough for all he is doing for the sake of humanity.

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