UK Singh Collects His Law Degree In Traditional Bana Of The Khalsa

Sikh community and Punjabi people have got another reason to be proud. A law student of Birmingham University collected his graduation law degree dressed in the traditional Bana of the Khalsa and got everyone sighted at him with pride and adoration. 

The importance of the Bana is summed up by the saying ‘Recognise Bani and Bana as the wings, adorned by Singh birds who take their flight to their Guru’. 

UK Singh works as a sevadar in Patishahi 6 Academy in the UK and this Singh represents the Khalsa and its ethics by wearing Bana in both academic and professional settings everyday. 

P6 Academy provides a weekly interacting class in Wolverhampton and has been doing it since the past five years. In those years the academy had found a recurring theme as there was not enough on offer for students to immerse themselves in Sikhi. “The lack of Gurmat Vidya is exactly what limits our development as a community”, says the academy’s slogan. 

To facilitate learning, the academy provides online learning to the students and teaches the basics of the Punjabi language and related ethics in it. P6 Academy glorifies the teachings of Raag Vidya, Gurbani Vidya, Shaster Vidya and many more related things to the students. 

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The recent snippet of the UK Singh, a part of P6 academy, has been going viral for his ethics as he received his law degree from Birmingham University wearing traditional Bana.

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