Must Check These AI Generated Ultra Real Images of Mahabharata Characters

AI, the Artificial intelligence has taken over human jobs to some extent. There is no doubt about the capabilities of AI. These algorithms can assess user commands, behaviours, preferences and data to produce the desired output. 

Not even the scientific advancements, but AI has also helped us in healthcare and other sectors. AI has helped make different facilities and appliances through which the healthcare sector has seen a rise in improvement. AI has also helped us design certain things our way. For example, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, etc platforms create a playlist or groups our preferences into one single file.  It has the capability of suggesting options which are in relation to our moods and behavioral patterns. 

Similarly, in the creative sphere as well, AI has done wonders. It has the capability of creating life-like images within a few time. It performs the exact command you give it and the results produced are beyond beauty. 

Recently, people have been using AI to create mythological images which are turning out to be better than human-made. Recently someone generated an AI image for the Hollywood actors dressed up as monks. This went quite viral throughout Instagram. Then someone generated images for the Ramayana characters and the result stunned everyone. 

Now, a Reddit user u/harshcasper has created AI-generated images of Mahabharata characters and shared the AI images on the renowned r/IndiaSpeaks community. They looked ultra-realistic and class apart. From the costumes to the jewellery, these images look like as if they were taken during the Mahabharata time. 

Check out these AI generated pictures:

The facial expressions of the characters are pure and true to their roles. These AI-generated images transported us back to the era when the actual Mahabharata happened. The expressions of anger, sadness, love, calmness etc are depicted so beautifully and it brings out the real emotions from the characters.

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