‘Umbrella Wasn’t A Dance Song’: Intense Requests Fans To Not Ruin His Music Anymore

A very awaited track titled ‘Umbrella’ dropped a few weeks ago officially on Youtube. The song was very hyped up due to its cast. It was sung by the one and only Diljit Dosanjh and produced by master music producer Intense. The lyrics were given by the very talented Chani Nattan.

The song received immense love from the fans and has garnered over 6.6 million views on YouTube so far. But it feels like the music producer of the song, Intense, is not happy with it. People all over the world are dancing to Umbrella and Intense seems unhappy about that. 

Intense took it to his official Instagram handle and shared a story calling out fans for dancing to Umbrella. Intense wrote in the story that people are dancing to Umbrella but it wasn’t meant for it. It is a great feeling but that’s not what he had made Umbrella for. 

Looking very disappointed by people dancing to the track, he also requested people to not ruin his music anymore. Maybe Intense wanted people to feel the music of Umbrella some other way rather than dance to it. 

Intense is also going to feature as the major music producer for Diljit Dosanjh in his upcoming album Moonchild Era. The album is going to be a Diljit, Intense and Raj Ranjodh project and the audience has high hopes from it. 

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