Desi Trill Music: UMG Launches New Label Venture With Ty-Ty Smith and Shabz Naqvi

Universal Music Group has now launched a new label venture  with Ty-Ty Smith and Shabz Naqvi. The new label shall be known as Desi Trill Music. 

Ty-Ty Smith is a co founder of Roc Nation. This is the entertainment company that manages stars like Dj Khaled, J Cole, Rihanna, Shakira and Jay Z. He has good professional relationships with several production teams like Stargate. Smith has played an important role in making Roc Nation popular and expanding its presence into the UK music sectors. 

He said “Music knows no borders. It’s an incredible time for South Asian culture and hip-hop to come together to create a new and exciting genre of music. It gives us great pleasure to bring our vision to the world with Desi Trill Music. UMG Is a great partner for us and I’d like to thank Sir Lucian, Jeff Harleston and Michael Seltzer for their continued support.”

Shabz Naqvi hails from South London. He is an artist, producer and music executive who was also an important member of the So Solid crew. 

As per him ““We envision a future where South Asian artists gain widespread recognition on grand stages, embracing cultural heritage while pushing musical boundaries. Desi Trill Music puts South Asian artists at the vanguard of a global music movement for the first time and we’re honoured to forge a path for this new generation of incredible artists.”

This new label is all about Desi Trill Music which is a new genre of music. This genre mixes the music of South Asian artists with modern genres to make it appealing and vibing. The label will release its first project in October. 

UMG chairman and CEO Sir Lucian Grainge shared his views and said “As the home for artistry, innovation and entrepreneurship in music, we’re so pleased that Ty-Ty and Shabz have chosen UMG as the global partner for Desi Trill. Having worked with Ty-Ty for many years, I know we share a passion for discovery and artist development, and I am excited to watch how he and Shabz influence culture around the world with this exciting new sound.”

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