Unilever US Recalls Dry Shampoos Including Dove, Tresemmé, Nexxus!

Due to the excessive benzene concentration, Unilever recently had to recall more than a dozen aerosol dry shampoo products. Reportedly, Nexxus, Suave, Tresemmé, and Rockaholic were among the brands on the list of products being recalled, as per the formal announcement published on the Food and Drug Administration website. As claimed in various media reports, the products affected by the recall were created before October 2021.

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Furthermore, according to the recall notice, the daily exposure to the levels of benzene found in the recalled products (the shampoos) found during testing “would not be expected to have adverse health repercussions.” Moreover, the FDA asserted that the Unilever U.S. is recalling these products because of a high degree of caution, adding that the company “has not yet received any complaints of any adverse effects of the shampoos being recalled.”

What Is A Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a waterless method of fluffing your hair in between showers. According to various specialists, dry shampoo is NOT AT ALL a shampoo or cleanser. Your hair’s oil is absorbed by the starch and alcohol mixture that is sprayed on hairs, leaving them fluffy and less apparent. Notably, the quantity of oil and filth remains the same, while in the case of wet shampoos, the scalp gets cleaned.

How Benzene Affects The Body?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, benzene is a widely utilised hydrocarbon that may be found in most items we come into contact with, including gasoline and cigarette smoke. Furthermore, Benzene can be discovered in lubricants, rubbers, plastics, resins, nylon, synthetic fibres, dyes, detergents, medicines, and insecticides. People can be exposed to the chemical by breathing it in the air, touching petroleum goods, eating or drinking tainted food or beverages, or contacting polluted surfaces.

Notably, exposure to Benzene may lead to numerous adverse effects which may turn out to be a cause for even hazardous diseases like Cancer.

Earlier, Unilever voluntarily recalled two Suave 24-hour protection aerosol antiperspirants in the US in March of this year after discovering the slightly increased levels of benzene in some samples during an internal investigation. Subsequently, more products have been recalled.

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