Unknown facts about Qismat movie. 6th will blow your mind!!

In 2018, Punjabi Industry’s most successful and commercial hit film was, Qismat. The story of the film won so many hearts and made our tears uncontrollable. The film is so powerful, that one can watch it again and again, without getting bored with the story. We’re sure this film has definitely made you emotional too, but are you aware of the fact that this film was not originally made for its star cast?

Yes, you read that right. Ammy Virk & Sargun Mehta were not the first choices for this film. But as the name suggests, every film develops its destiny, and this was fortunate enough to be named Qismat as well. In this article, we will let you some more facts about this film, which you might find difficult to believe.

We all remember Tanya from superhit movie Sufna, right? Also, she was seen in Qismat as well. But, she was initially the first choice for the lead actress in Qismat. Because director Jagdeep Sidhu wanted a fresh face for the lead. But later Jagdeep narrated the story to Sargun Mehta, which she instantly agreed to work in. And this is how Tanya was replaced by Sargun Mehta as the lead actress of the film Qismat.

How do you see Amrinder Gill performing the character of Shivjit Singh Gill as of Ammy Virk? It sounds great to us, and also this was exactly what Jagdeep Sidhu wanted. He also wanted to recreate “Judaa”, sung by Amrinder Gill for this movie and name the film, Judaa as well. But, due to the busy schedule of Amrinder Gill, he could never get an opportunity to narrate the film to Amrinder Gill. 

After Amrinder Gill couldn’t be a part of the film, Jagdeep Sidhu also narrated the story to Jassie Gill for the lead role. But due to some unknown reasons, Jassie didn’t accept the offer, and hence Ammy Virk was approached for the same, he agreed and became the memorable Shivjit Singh Gill.

Jagdeep Sidhu had decided to shoot two different endings for the film, including one happy and another being the sad one. He thought, while editing, he will decide which end is complementing the story well and will make it the final part of the story. But while shooting, Jagdeep realised for this story, a sad ending is required. So, later, he dropped his idea and didn’t even shoot a happy ending.

Would you believe, if we tell you this film’s motive was to approach Bollywood and to be shot in Hindi? For this, Jagdeep contacted Shushant Singh Rajput, Kartik Aryan, Varun Dhawan, Vicky Kaushal, Aditya Roy Kapoor & Ayushmaan Khurrana as well. But since they all seemed uninterested, Jagdeep decided to make this film in Punjabi only, for Punjabi Cinema. And this is how, this memorable film, became a motivation and proved Punjabi Cinema is nowhere lacking, whether it’s about, content, quality, or success itself.

We believe Qismat is a blessing for Punjabi Cinema. What do you feel?

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