Netizens Find Uorfi Javed’s Black Slit Bodysuit Supported By Safety Pins Super Hilarious

Uorfi Javed like usual has once again made headlines. The actress and model is extremely popular among paparazzi and netizens for her fashion statement. She is usually snapped in weird and exceptional outfits. Though thousands of people make nasty comments about her outfits and choices, the actress chooses to ignore them. 

While Uorfi is usually trolled and badly criticized for experimenting with her outfits, this time she has made the internet react in the most hilarious way. Uorfi was recently spotted in a black slit bodysuit which has grabbed everyone’s attention. 

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Uorfi’s recent outfit is a black one-legged body-hugging bodysuit with cuts and slits on it. Not only this, it has a deep V neckline which is supported by various safety pins. Yes, this sounds confusing but Uorfi has effortlessly and boldly carried this outfit on the streets of Mumbai. 

The paparazzi once again snapped their favourite Uorfi Javed and the pictures & videos of the same are now going viral on social media. There are some people who are actually praising Uorfi for her bold fashion choices, while others are finding this outfit extremely funny. 

Some people are slamming Uorfi for wearing bizarre outfits, and others are reacting to this outfit in the most hilarious manner. 

A user reacted, ‘Lagta Hai Batman Se Cheen Kar Laayi hai’, another wrote, ‘My Eyes Are Burning After Watching This’, and another one commented, ‘Kylie Jenner In Budget’. Have a look at some of the comments and reactions on Uorfi’s latest outfit. 

When asked about how she handles all the criticism and trolling, the actress told News 18, “That’s the thing, I do not have to handle it. Why should I handle it? It’s not for me to reply to anyone who doesn’t like me. If you don’t like me, good for you. People don’t even like their own kids, how they are supposed to like me? I cannot expect everyone to like me. I don’t care much about people liking me or not.”

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Uorfi believes in being bold and confident. Not only when it comes to wearing what she likes, but also speaking her heart out. The actress is often seen commenting boldly on hot topics and controversial debates also.

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