Uorfi Javed Poses Confident In A Thread Outfit! Attracts Mixed Reactions Once Again

Internet sensation and super stylish diva Uorfi Javed is the most popular celebrity on social media. Someone might follow her or not, but everyone knows who she is. 

The actress remains in the news headlines of the fashion police for her trendy and experimental outfits. Various times, her outfits have even ignited controversies on social media, but still Uorfi remains confident about her choices and looks. 

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Now, Uorfi has shared a new video on her Instagram feed in which she is posing super confident in front of the camera. And this time, her outfit is made up of thread. Yes, you read that right! Uorfi who has surprised everyone by making up outfits from candy floss, flowers, razor blades, glass and even wires, has now used a thread to style herself. 

This new video of Uorfi is going viral on the internet. In the caption, the actress has given credits to her hair stylist Geeta Jaiswal who has styled her hair in a beautiful bun covered with red roses. And she has also tagged stylist Rima Mishra who has styled Uorfi for this shoot. 

In this look, Uorfi is wrapped in a neon green looking thread from her shoulders to feet. This is a see-through outfit with lots of skin revealing. Uorfi has even used her hands to cover up her breasts. 

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As usual, this outfit of Uorfi has also attracted mixed responses from netizens. Some are trolling the actress for her weird sense of styling while others have been left impressed and spellbound again.  Have a look at some comments under Uorfi’s posts.

Uorfi has never reacted to trolls and criticism, in fact, she says the trolls make her even more popular. She likes to dress up the way she does and doesn’t care about what others think.

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