UP Man Declared Dead and Kept In Morgue Freezer, Found Alive After A Day

Miracles in real life are sometimes life saving for people. A man in UP’s Moradabad was proclaimed to be dead by doctors but after a few hours of keeping him in mortuary he was found breathing by the family members. 

Srikesh Kumar, the 45-year old victim, met with an accident on Thursday night. He was hit by a motorcycle on the road in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Hearing the news, his family rushed him to the private clinic in a critical condition. On arrival the doctors declared him dead and then transported the body to the Government hospital for post-mortem the next day. 

Image Credit: SPUTNIK NEWS

The hospital’s medical superintendent said that the emergency medical officer examined him, did not find any signs of him being alive and hence proclaimed him dead. The dead body was then sent to the Government hospital for post-mortem and was kept in the morgue freezer for over 7 hours. His family had to do some official paperwork for autopsy and this was when they found some signs of Srikesh being alive. 

The family members immediately alerted the doctors of and then the victim was moved to the district hospital for further treatment. Srikesh’s brother Kishori Lal reported that the doctor who declared him dead did not do a proper checkup and said that he neither had pulse nor BP, and said he was dead. 

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An investigation was underway to regulate how the doctors mistakenly declared him dead. The victim later underwent treatment but was still in a coma. This was surely nothing but a miracle of God. 

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