Urfi Javed Slams Ameesha Patel on Her Remarks on Homosexuality; Ameesha said THIS

Ameesha Patel and Sunny Deol are busy promoting Gadar 2. The film is all set to release on August 11. Ameesha has been in the headlines since quite a few weeks sometimes because of her promotions and sometimes because of her allegations against the film’s director and producer. 

Gadar 2 actress has been busy giving interviews and recently in an interview she was asked about her views on OTT platforms. She said that the audience has been looking for clean and good content and the OTT is full of ” Gay Lesbianism “.

In an interview, Ameesha said “People are waiting for good, clean cinema. The era where you could make cinema that a grandchild could sit and watch with a grandparent is completely missing. OTT for sure doesn’t give you that. Because OTT is full of, homosexuality, gay-lesbianism… Scenes that you have to cover your kids’ eyes or actually put a child lock on your television so they can’t access those platforms.”

Urfi Javed’s Reaction

After watching Ameesha Patel’s interview, Urfi Javed took it to her Instagram Stories and shared the link to her interview. She mentioned that she is upset about Ameesha’s remarks and also mentioned about one of her movies Kaho Na Pyar Hai. She asked whether that movie was made only for straight people? She even called Ameesha a bitter person and said that she gets angry whenever a celebrity talks about sensitive topics without getting educated. 

She wrote “What is actually gayism, lesbianism? Keep your children away from it? So when she said ‘kaho na Pyar hai’ she meant only straight people. Public figures speaking without educating themselves on such sensitive topics really irks me! Not getting work for 25 years has made her into a very bitter person”.

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