Urfi Javed Reacts To Raj Kundra’s Comment On Her Bold Dressing Sense

“Bollywood, India’s vibrant film industry, has been marred by numerous controversies over the years. Bollywood’s controversies continue to spotlight issues of representation, ethics, and power dynamics within the entertainment world.

And once again a controversy is grabbing the eyes of many. This time it’s between Urfi Javed who is known for her Bold dressing sense and Raj kundra.

Urfi Javed recently took to her instagram handle and uploaded a story and said Raj Kundra striking back at him for his comment on Urfi’s Dressing Sense, “Dusro ko n*nga karke paise kamane wale ab meri kapdo pe comment karega. Sorry, not sorry p*rn king. (Those who earn money by exposing others now want to comment on my clothes.)”

Actually where it all started was, when Raj Kundra was hosting a stand up comedy called Indie Habitat. In the stand up comedy, Raj kundra made a remark on Urfi’s Dressing Sense. 

He said, “Agar kisine mujhe pyaar diya pichle 2 saal mein toh woh hai paparazzi, kyon ki 2 hi toh ek main aur Urfi Javed. Kyon ki media yehi dekhti hai ki Raj Kundra kya pehenega aur Urfi Javed kya nahi pehenegi. (If someone has shown me love in the past 2 years, it’s the paparazzi, because it’s just me and Urfi Javed. Because the media only looks at what Raj Kundra will wear and what Urfi Javed won’t wear.)”

To this Urfi who always keeps making headlines for her controversies and Bold dresses reacted and straightforwardly called Raj Kundra a P*rn Star.

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