Urvashi Rautela Finally Comments On Rishabh Pant! Reveals Who Is Mr RP

The Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela was lately being trolled and massively criticised for the RP controversy with Rishabh Pant. The news made headlines and was viral on social media for months. But now, the actress has finally broken her silence on the controversy and has also commented on Rishabh Pant.

Not only this, but Urvashi has also finally revealed who is the viral ‘Mr RP’ from her conversation. Urvashi Rautela told Hindustan Times, “RP is my co-actor and stands for Ram Pothineni. I was not even aware that Rishabh Pant is also known as RP. People just assume stuff and write about it. And to those believing in such rumours, I’d say they need to analyze a little. If you haven’t seen anything, or just because some Youtuber or for that matter anyone is saying something, how can you simply believe it?”

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She also went on to add in her statements about Bollywood actors’ comparison with Indian Cricketers. She said that even actors need to be respected as they are also doing a lot for the nation. 


While being upfront about her opinions, she said, “We always see comparisons being made that cricketers have way more respect than actors, or that they earn more than actors, and that bothers me a lot. I do understand that they play for the country, and are loved and respected largely, but actors as well have done so much. They’ve also represented the country. I myself have done that so many times. But I don’t like these silly comparisons.”

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At last, Urvashi went on to slam the people continuously trolling and criticising her. She said that she cannot be treated like a commodity. “Anybody who’s representing the country needs to be respected. People can’t treat them like a commodity. They can’t behave like gali-mohalle ke log. That’s what I call invading privacy and I don’t appreciate this”, the actress said.

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