US Music Video Review: Sidhu Moosewala And Raja Kumari Win Hearts With The Soothing Love Track

The 4th track of one of the biggest albums in the Punjabi music industry was officially released on Sidhu Moosewala’s youtube channel. The song titled ‘Us’ was one of the most awaited ones on the album, due to Sidhu’s collab with Indian-American rapper Raja Kumari.

The song is a little different from the general Sidhu vibe. Sidhu has chosen the love path this time and this gave us a beautiful soul soothing song to add to our playlists. Sidhu Moosewala absolutely shines in the lyrical part. We all know our Aggressive Sidhu who absolutely kills the gun tracks but this time Sidhu is winning hearts with one of the cutest tracks of his career. Who knew Sidhu would make such a good boyfriend.

Sukh Sanghera has achieved a different level in his art, where praises feel like criticism. He is for sure one of the best video directors today. The world that Sukh has created in the music video of Us, makes the track more emotional and better. 

The chemistry between Preet Aujla and Sidhu Moosewala is what you call Couple Goals to the truest sense. Preet Aujla has also looked beautiful in the video and has made it even better.

Raja Kumari’s inclusion in the track has been a master move. Her verses have got on the track really well and her presence is going to give the song a global reach. The Kidd has been different on Moosetape. All the beats that he has produced have been totally unique from his general style and this one is no different. 

‘Us’ is a totally different track by Sidhu Moosewala and the experiment has worked well. Everything has gotten along well together and the song is a perfect one for couples. 

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