US Open New Consulates In India And Increases Staff Strength To Reduce Visa Delay

In order to reduce the waiting time for Visa issuance in India, the US is now increasing the staff strength and opening new consulates. US Ambassador Eric Garcetti confirmed that the new consulates will come up in Ahmedabad while one was recently opened in Hyderabad. 

In conversation with ORF, Garcetti said that “I had a look at the new premises for establishing a consulate in Ahmedabad yesterday. Some more people have already joined the Hyderabad consulate as we are increasing the staff strength in the city and premises are being taken up in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad for setting up new consulates.”

He further added that the US embassy is likely to issue 10-14% more visas in the calendar year than it usually does. He mentioned that the delay in the visa issuance was because of large number of people applying for it. The same problem was faced by countries like Mexico and Brazil. 

The US embassy took to social media and announced that  “We’ll be serving thousands of students, workers, tourists, and more in the coming weeks just in time for the busy holiday travel season.” 

Indian applications faced long delays because of the volume of these applications after which the Joe Biden administration had expanded the Visa waiver programme. In April, it said that travelers who received the clearance on their previous visas can use the Visa interview waiver process to apply for the new one. 

It also announced that Indian professionals will not have to leave the US for renewing their H-1B visas. Mathew Miller, the US state department spokesperson said that US consular teams have been pushing the applications forward in India to foster the bilateral trade.

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