US: Republicans Take Control Over US House, Biden Says, “Ready To Work With Anyone!”

Giving conservatives leverage to thwart President Joe Biden’s programme and trigger a flurry of probes, returning the party to power in Washington, the US House of Representatives had been taken over by the Republicans on Wednesday. However, President Joe Biden congratulated the Republicans, adding that he is ready to work with anyone to serve the people of America.

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Following last week’s midterm elections, the US media predicted a narrow victory for Republican in the House. “The American people want us to get things done for them,” said president Joe Biden. Though in addition to failing to seize control of the Senate in a historically poor showing in the November 8 midterm elections, the slender Republican majority in the lower house of the US legislature will be far less than the party had anticipated.

Furthermore, this slim majority would turn out to be a massive challenge for the GOP leaders as well as the entire governing process. Notably, the Republicans were predicted to win by at least 218 seats in the 435-member House of Representatives, the necessary number to seize power, according to the projection by NBC and CNN. This happened a week after the midterm elections, where a large number of Americans cast ballots and traditionally rejected the party in power.

Though the Republicans had hoped for a “wave” against Joe Biden, which would lead them to sweep across America, giving control of both houses and, thereby, an effective block over most of Biden’s legislative proposals, as inflation was surging and Biden’s popularity ratings were plummeting. Moreover, Republicans were hoping to see a massive wave against the Democrats. 

However, Democratic voters showed up in large numbers, motivated by the SC’s decision to uphold abortion rights and leery of Trump-backed candidates who openly disapproved of the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Notably, the Republicans also suffered from having candidates whom moderate voters rejected as being too extreme.

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