Varinder Brar Says,”Do Some Work, Then See You Later”, After Nseeb Mocks On His Song 12 Bande

Varinder Brar Says,"Do Some Work, Then See You Later", After Nseeb Mocks On His Song 12 Bande

After the release of the song ‘12 Bande’ Varinder Brar is hitting the headlines for standing out in the case of copying music. The singer himself revealed that the song has been inspired by the beats of one of the English songs.

But he has also mentioned and given them the credits. To this singer, Nseeb took to his Instagram story and offended the singer. Nseeb shares the picture of the song ‘Life Ain’t Fair, Higher Quality’ and to the downwards on the right side of the picture, we can see the option of copy, which clearly shows that he has been mocking Varinder Brar for his new song ‘12 Bande’. 

But as we all know that Varinder has already given the credits, he also took to his social media and poured a reply to Nseeb. He shared a picture and wrote ‘Tere Ustaad darrde frde, Tu putt hje ginte ch nai, Do some work then See yu Later’. It was a bold reply to Nseeb, as according to Varinder, Nseeb doesn’t even stand equal to him and he must learn and do some more work to reach his level.

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This clearly shows that the message and reply is for Nseeb. Moreover, this song has impressed a lot of audience not only because of its music, lyrics or other elements but because what impressed everyone was that he gave credits to the original beat maker, Shae OT, in the description of his song.

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