Vibe Check Review: Karan Aujla Gives An Insight Into His Pure Punjabi Folk Music Debut Album

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The day we had been waiting for is finally here. The big day, the day Karan Aujla has dropped the second intro of his debut career album BacThafu*UP has come. ‘Vibe Check’, the second intro, is the perfect intro for an album like BTFU. Karan Aujla and Tru Skool have given an insight into the big album which is all set to arrive soon. And guess what, the release date is finally here!

Without a cloud of doubt, BTFU is the most awaited Punjabi music album right now. It’s been too much of a wait and Vibe Check has at least given a hint that the wait is going to be worth it. 

The intro reveals that BTFU is going to be all pure classical Punjabi Music. It’s been years now since we’ve heard pure desi music. After the introduction of Hip-hop to Punjab, the music has taken a huge drift. 

The Tabla, Dhol, Tumbi and many more such classical instruments have been replaced with hip-hop beats and modern instruments. But BTFU is going to awaken the long lost Punjabi Music. Tru Skool is all set to make you experience the Chamkila-Manak vibe again!

The pure Punjabi folk music is going to be combined with the perfect mixture of ‘Theth’ Punjabi writing and singing. Karan Aujla has taken care of the fact that what he writes, feels Punjabi, what he sings, feels Punjabi. It is a ‘Punjabi Album’ and stands for pure Punjabi Music. Nothing more to it! Just pure Punjabi folk.

Karan Aujla also gave some short previews of many of the songs. He even revealed that ‘Boli’ song is his favourite one from the album as the authentic Punjabi Dhol has been used in the song. We are going to witness a lot of ‘Dhol Music’ in the album, not the computerised on-loop Dhol, but the manually played Dhol by Tru Skool himself. 

This album is specifically for the lovers of Punjabi Music. People who love Punjabi music from their heart are going to love BTFU too. Karan Aujla has guaranteed us that the album will be remembered forever and will mark an important step in the history of Punjabi Music by bringing the original Punjabi folk back! The wait is going to be worth it, 15 September is the date we will witness the most awaited album, FINALLY!

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