Vibe (MoonChild Era): Diljit Dosanjh Will Make You Dance With This One And You Just Can’t Stop

Vibe (MoonChild Era): Diljit Dosanjh Will Make You Dance With This One And You Just Can’t Stop

It’s been more than 3 weeks but Diljit Dosanjh’s MoonChild Era is still stuck in our heads and we cannot stop vibing to it. The third official music video from the album is finally out. After Lover and Black & White, Diljit Dosanjh has now dropped the music video of ‘Vibe’.

The song had already become one of the most favourites from the album, simply due to the happy vibe of it. The song is just like its name, Total Vibe! You can Vibe to it all day and just keep vibing to it. The music video of the song is completely matching to the music and the feel of the song.

Vibe is a dance track, without a doubt! It has the popping beat going in the background that makes the audience groove to it. You cannot resist not dancing to the track. The video does justice to the song as that’s all Diljit Dosanjh is seen doing in the song, ‘Dance And Vibe’! The video doesn’t try to look too extravagant.

HzDz, the creator of the video, has tried to make the video look as simple as possible and he’s completely succeeded in it. No over-editing, No excessive use of CGI or bright lighting, it is just a simple video with Diljit Dosanjh dancing around wearing his usual killer outfits.

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Chani Nattan, the lyricist who worked with Diljit Dosanjh and Intense Music for the song Umbrella that came just before the album MoonChild Era, also makes a special guest appearance in the song. He walks out of his Rolls Royce with the ‘Umbrella’ which also gives the viewer a throwback moment to his last song with Diljit. 

Overall, the bright and colourful video of the song feels very lively! It is enough to put a smile on the viewer’s face. And with the marvellous job that Intense and Diljit have done to the music and the vocals of the song, the video comes off as a blessing! Be ready to dance because Vibe’s video is going to make you move yourself without even wanting it!

Listen to the full song with its official music video here:

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