Vicky’s Debut Album ‘Back Stage To Front Stage’ Trends No. 11 On India Apple Music Top Album Charts

Vicky has inked his name in people’s hearts in no time with his songs like Top Notch Gabru and Mind Games. He has also recently released his debut career album named Back Stage To Front Stage and received a good response from the listeners. 

Songs like Hustling and Tasali are very well taken by the audience and have been considered as some of the bests from his album of 9 songs. Now, within no time of its release, the debut album of singer Vicky has reached the Indian Apple Music Charts. Back Stage To Front Stage has secured its place on 11th position among the other music albums released in a while. 

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Back Stage To Front Stage is the newest addition in the list of India Apple Music Top Album Charts on number 11. Whereas, other Punjabi albums like Diljit Dosanjh’s MoonChild Era, Brown Munde Trio’s Not By Chance and Hidden Gems are in the list too. 

Vicky’s debut tape was released on 1 Feb 2022 and within 2 days of its release the album has been successful in reaching the Apple Top Album Charts. The artist himself took the initiative to announce this achievement through an IG Story. He shared a screenshot of the charts where Vicky can be seen trending at 11th position on the charts among other various top albums. 

Meanwhile, no video, except that of Habit, has been released before the audience from the album Back Stage To Front Stage but we expect the videos to get released soon and we may get to see more amazing music videos from the singer, Vicky. 

Here’s the link to the album in case you haven’t listened to the debut album of Vicky, which you should listen for at least once: 

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