Vicky’s Latest Song Is What Can Be Called As A Perfect Motivational Anthem

It was on 1 February 2022 when Singer Vicky released his 9-track long album, Back Stage To Front Stage. Each of his songs was amazing but Hustling was the one that was relatable and had heart-touching lyrics. 

After releasing the first music video of the song Habit from his album, Vicky has now released the 2nd official video of the song Hustling’s on Rehaan Records YouTube channel. 

Hustling, the word defines everything. The song is all about the struggles that common men, the middle class men face. Their day to day desires, wishes, incomplete wishes and what not. Dreaming of everything they want to achieve in life and working on it. The song’s lyrics completely define the exact situations that people face, that the International students face and what not. You will just feel everything by going deep into the lyrics and calmly listen to it. 

Mani Longia has undoubtedly done an amazing job by penning down this song. And how can we forget the music, it is as good as it was expected. Starboy X has done a perfect job in giving his tunes to Hustling. The video is just an amazing one with black and white sync-visuals. And you will be surprised to know that Karan Aujla has also featured in the song, Hustling. Just wow! 

Director of the song has been quirky by just playing with the syncing part of the video. He might somehow know that lyrics are enough for the audience to get dwelled into the track and video would just be an additional awesome element to it. 

Vicky’s vocals are sure to be applauded. Stupendous voice! And we are surely impressed with his voice once again. We are now doing nothing, but listening to this track of his again and again & we are not letting this track go off our playlist any time soon. 

You might have listened to this song by now, if not then you should do it and you would listen to it on repeat after that. 

Watch Hustling’s video here: 

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