Video of A Man Sm*king Inside Delhi Metro Goes Viral; DMRC Reacts

Delhi Metro has witnessed quite a lot of bizarre incidents happening inside it. From influencers dancing and making reels inside the train, to the obscene acts, Delhi Metro is not new to all the objectionable things happening inside the compartments. 

Viral video of a man smoking inside the metro

Recently a clip has gone viral on the internet in which an old man is seen lighting a ‘beedi’ ( thin cigarette) inside the compartment of the Delhi Metro. This video is an undated clip in which the elderly lit his beedi and started smoking inside the moving train. 

The video has angered a lot of netizens and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has taken note of the incident. DMRC has said that this is an “objectionable behaviour”.

Smoking and drinking liquor inside the Delhi Metro is a punishable offense. DMRC also uses social media to educate the travelers on the do’s and don’ts inside the train on several issues like public etiquette etc. 

DMRC in a statement stated that “We conduct random checking through flying squads to detect any such objectionable behaviour. We appeal to the public to instantly bring up such instances to our notice so that immediate action can be taken.” 

While a lot of netizens were condemning this man’s actions, few of them wrote that instead of making fun of him, this person should be educated since he looks uneducated and unaware of the etiquettes one must follow inside the DMRC. 

Other bizarre incidents reported in DMRC

Few months back, several incidents were reported in Delhi Metro in which the commuters were seen indulging in obscene acts and wearing indecent clothes which offended the other travelers. After this incident, DMRC issued a statement that it “expects its commuters to behave responsibly while using the Delhi Metro and follow all social etiquette and protocols which are acceptable in the society”.

“Commuters should not indulge in any indecent/obscene activity that may cause discomfort or could offend the sensibilities of other fellow commuters. DMRC’s Operations & Maintenance Act in fact lists out indecency as a punishable offence under Section 59,”

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