Video of Salman Khan Pushing Paparazzi Gets Viral; Some Netizens Say “Would Do the Same…”

Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan actor Salman Khan was known for his anger issues back in his early days. We have seen him landing in several controversies and headlines because of his angry behaviour. Recently a Reddit user has shared a few of Salman Khan’s videos of getting physical with the paps. After seeing the video netizens are divided into 2 groups. Some are appreciating and lauding Salman while others are trolling him. 

The video begins with Salman Khan losing his control on a reporter who asked him if he and Shahrukh Khan ” Bury the hatchet”. This happened when he and Shahrukh came together under one roof after having a world famous fight at Katrina Kaif’s party. 

Further in the video, Salman Khan is seen having a fight with a paparazzi after he pushed him. A lot of cameramen surrounded Salman to get a glimpse of his fight. However, the fight escalated when Salman pushed and misbehaved with a cameraman. His behaviour got captured by every single camera present there. 

Just after the video got viral netizens started commenting their opinions. One user wrote ” “I dislike him but the media is quite vile. To question and degrade him multiple times, be it in interviews or during normal outings isn’t the greatest move. Earlier actors were dehumanized as an entertainment source(they still are), are were targeted during interviews. Having said that there is no doubt that Salman is quite problematic.”

Another user said, “I would do the same as him if 10-15 are in my personal space.” A third user commented, “Tum Karo to raas leela, Bhoi kare to character dheela.”

Once, Salman Khan was asked about his anger issues and short temperament to which Bhaijaan replied “If I was such a bad guy, if I was so weird and so short-tempered, I should have been getting fight every single day. I shouldn’t have any friends around because you are your worst with best with your friends, with your servants, with the people, your staff. They have all been with me since years before I became a movie star or anything, they have all been there. So does that make me such a bad person? Because one particular gentleman does not have access to me, it is his problem.”

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