VIP Review: The Peppy Track Gives Audience Way To Expect More Of Diljit, Raj And Yeah Proof

Diljit Dosanjh has earlier informed his fans that he will be joining hands with lyricist and singer Raj Ranjodh for song VIP. And now finally both the artists have released the track on 13 March.

Diljit has always treated his fans with something different and hence again he promised to bring the same for his audience. Interestingly this time Raj has not only penned down the lyrics but has also joined Diljit in vocals. This is the first time Raj Ranjodh sang along with Diljit Dosanjh.

When speaking of the audio, Raj Ranjodh is at his best when it comes to writing. The lyrics of songs are dedicated to oneself. Not only this, one can dedicate the songs to their friends and it’s an absolute party number. The song has got everyone grooving and you could dance for hours to the groovy beat of Lover and still not get tired. For music, both Diljit and Yeah Proof worked alongside Yeah Proof. 

Further, coming to the video of the song, the concept is directed by Rupen Bhardwaj and Sukaran Pathak. It presents a very unique setup and the quality is very well maintained throughout the video. The video attracts you instantly with its beautiful locations and vibrant backdrop. The Feature of Diljit has taken the video to another level and undeniably, it is no less than a cherry on the cake. In fact, for the whole song, we can see how fruitful it turned out to be.

Overall, the bright and colorful video of the song feels very lively! It is enough to put a smile on the viewer’s face. And with the marvelous job that Raj, Diljit and Yeah Proof have done to the music and the vocals of the song, the video comes off as a blessing! It doesn’t stop us from saying that we want more of their collabs. Be ready to dance because VIP’s video is going to make you move yourself without even wanting it!

Listen to the full song with its official music video here:

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