Viral Baspan Ka Pyar Child Gets A Perfect Music & Video Edit, Badshah Shares It On Social Media

Badshah is a highly popular rapper and singer, who sings for both Punjabi and the Hindi Film Industry. The stylish rapper is always in news for his ground-breaking music or odd fashion sense. Badshah’s songs are nothing short of musical contentment. His songs have always been at the top of the music charts. Moreover, his latest track titled ‘Paani Paani’ trends on social media after its release. The song had catchy lyrics and a flamboyant video.

But recently, the rapper shared a quirky video with Aastha Gill and musician Rico on ‘Baspan Ka Pyar’, a remix version created by Hiten. In the audio, you would probably hear the voice of a kid.

And since then the audio is trending on Instagram reels. Today the singer shared a hilarious mashup of the English drama series FRIENDS, which has a background sound of the song ‘Baspan Ka Pyar’. Badshah had collaborated it with the video editor Dipraj Jadhav, whose mashup videos and memes have hooked everyone. In the video, you can see Ross, Monica, Chandler and other members grooving to the music. We bet if you watched FRIENDS for the 100th time, you have surely missed this part.

Take a look at this crazy mashup here:

This creation is something new and out-of-the-box for their audience. Moreover, the video is flooding over the internet and has become an instant hit among millennials.

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