Viral: Rats Empty 12 Wine Bottle Kept In Liquor Outlet In Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, a very funny incident took place on Monday. In the incident rats emptied 12 bottles of wine which was kept in a government-run TASMAC liquor forum in a town near Gudalur in the Nilgiris district of the southern state. It was done because the shop remained closed for quite some time due to the COVID-19 lockdown. 

when the TASMAC employees opened the shop at Kadampuzha after a long break as lockdown restrictions were lifted in the state.

In some news portal, officials said that the employees have surprisingly found the caps of the 12 quarter liquor bottles open, with bite imprints of rats and wine in them was drained. After being notified, the supervisor and senior TASMAC officials carried out an inquiry, which disclosed the presence of rats inside the shop, they said. Further, the cost of the bottles is said to be around Rs 1,500. 

Moreover, this year, 29,000 litres of alcohol went missing from 25 different police stations in Haryana. The police force seized around 50,000 litres of homemade liquor, 30,000 litres of English wine, and 3,000 cans of beer and reported some 825 such cases, as per some official reports.

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