Viral Video: Can You Rotate Your Head 180 Degrees Like The Man? Don’t Even Try!

What if you come across a guy who just rotated his head at 180 degrees and is still in chill mode? And what if you see him doing this shit at midnight? We know you’re going to be freaked out because this is something that can make anybody pee in their pants.

Our today’s story is something just like that. Though it’s not a scary one, it’s still freaking enough to blow your mind. 

A video clip is going viral on social media in which a man is seen rotating his head at 180 degrees. 

The video was originally posted by a TikTok user @sheaabutt00 on Tik Tok, where it has received more than 3 million views and 50 thousand likes. And from there it has made its way to all social media platforms.

While on one hand people are extremely confused, surprised and shocked to watch him do this sick action, on the other hand, health experts have shared their take on this. 

Dr. Simran Deo revealed that there are very few people who can do this safely due to hypermobile joints or connective disorders. 

In a conversation with LADbible, she said,

“This is when the muscles, ligaments and tendons are more stretchy meaning that joints can bend further than they would in people without these conditions. Overall though this is not something to try to do as it could lead to paralysis or a reduced blood supply to the head and neck leading to a stroke.”

This is not a very common and a kind of action that every human being can perform. Hence we highly recommend not trying this because your body might not be as magical as you think. So if you are looking forward to live long, and stay healthy, kindly DO NOT even think of trying this.

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