Viral Video: Husband Seeking Escape From Wife Is The Funniest Thing On The Internet

Have you ever met a man who isn’t afraid of his wife?  If no, then we guess you never will. Almost every man, indeed, is afraid of their wives. Even the smallest argument makes even the manliest of men run, hide or become protective. To describe this situation more faultlessly, a video is getting viral on the internet.

In a video, a person is running on the highway of Agra. A person who is scared by his wife is still unidentified. But the video is trending on twitter. More than 7k people viewed this video.

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Journalist Prashant Kumar shared this video on his official Twitter handle with the caption, “Because filmy dialogues don’t work with the wives! Watch it for yourself. “. In a video, We can see a man with a beard, crying and shouting for help. He is saying “my wife is after me, my life is in danger. I ran out from Agra, running on a highway as my wife is after me.” He further explains the situation for his escape, as he says, “My wife and I were sitting yesterday, and she asked me how much I love her. I didn’t understand her point so i told her, if she will tear my heart, she will see her name there. Since then she has been running behind me with the knife to check whether I am right or not. Please save me friends”, he further requests at the end.

Watch the video here:

This video is a new sensation on social media.

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