Watch Viral Videos Of Anjali Arora After Her Statement On Leaked MMS

Kacha Badam fame Anjali Arora, who also appeared in popular reality show MX Lock-Upp season 1 is nowadays trending for her viral leaked mms video. A video clip surfaced on the internet which features Anjali with a man in alleged positions. However, it is not confirmed if the girl shown in the video is Anjali.

The video went viral in no time like a wildfire. From Google to Twitter, Anjali Arora’s alleged viral MMS became a hot topic of discussion. Netizens reacted differently over the viral video, Anjali’s fans were seen defending her while many saw it as a new masala news and trolled her.

Soon after her video went viral, Anjali Arora made a statement in an interview that the controversial video is fake. She claimed that the girl shown in the video clip is not her, the video is most probably edited and is made to spoil her name.

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Recently Anjali reacted to her viral video by saying, “Those who can’t compete, start defaming you so let people do whatever they want to. I fu*king doesn’t care anymore about anyone.”

Anjali also said, “I don’t know why they are doing this to me, these are the same people who made me. They also have families, I too have a family. My family also watched all the videos.”

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After Anjali’s statements on her controversial viral video some other video of her went viral that she posted after the mms controversy. Let’s have a look on the other viral videos of Anjali Arora.

A video of Anjali Arora went viral in which she shakes the leg on the beats of her recently released track ‘Saiyyan Dil Mein Aana Re’

Another video of her was trending on Instagram in which she walks in slo-mo on a Lo-Fi 90s bollywood track “Tumsa Koi Pyara”. This instagram reel is watched over 3.1 million times so far 

A collaboration video of Anjali Arora with talented Awej Darbar is watched over 8.4 million times and is liked by 1.2 millions instagram users.

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Anjali doing moves on viral remix Bahara trend in a white night suit is also in this viral videos list. The video has been watched over 5 millions in 3 days only.

There are many other videos of Anjali Arora that went viral after the MMS controversy. And she will surely remain in the discussion on the trending list in future too…

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