Viral Video Shows Girl Slapping Beating Taxi Driver In Front Of The Police In Awadh, Lucknow

The viral video on the internet right now is of a girl beating a taxi driver in the middle of a road. Reported to be of the city Awadh in Lucknow, the video shows a girl very aggressively slapping a taxi driver and the people standing still around them. 

The video first surfaced on the internet when Megh Updates tweeted the video captioning, “Viral Video: A Girl Continuously Beating a Man (Driver of Car) at Awadh Crossing, Lucknow, UP and allegedly Damaging his Phone in spite of him asking for Reason.”

The video instantly went viral on the internet and the public started criticising the girl for her bad and aggressive behaviour with the driver, who was just asking her what was his mistake. The public was shocked to know that this incident was taking place in the presence of Police on the scene.

Another undated video also went viral on the internet, which is believed to be of the same incident. It shows a girl crossing the road amidst heavy traffic and a cab stopping just in front of her. Though it hasn’t been confirmed that the Cctv footage is of the same incident but it looks most probably to be the same video.

The incident blocked the road and created a huge traffic jam on the road. The videos have been described as ‘Undated’. Further updates also reported that the person who came to rescue the Cab driver was also threatened by the girl. 

Public showed great criticism at the girl and the social media has since been filled with comments like ‘Gender Equality does not exist’ and ‘He was a boy that’s why everyone is silent’. Twitterati has even started a justice campaign for the cab driver by trending the hashtag ‘Arrest Lucknow Girl’ on Twitter. 

People are demanding strict action against the girl for violence and bad behaviour and causing inconvenience to the public. Twitterati is demanding the arrest of the girl by trending ‘Arrest Lucknow Girl’ on Twitter. It is to see how the UP police react to people’s demands. Investigation must be held and justice shall prevail. 

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