Viral Video: When A Sikh Man Removed His Turban To Help An Injured Child

If one wants to grow in life, the easiest way is to follow the path of humanity and Youtuber Harpreet Singh Bal is pursuing in the same direction.

One of his recent YouTube videos is going viral in which a Sikh man is seen removing his turban. But what forced him to do so? You will get all the answers in this article today. 

One fine day, YouTuber Harpreet along with his friend went to help needy people with some food, and on their way they found a hassled father with his son. The father told them his son got a head injury as he fell on the road and he needed to visit a hospital as soon as possible.

The flow of blood was heavy, hence one of the friends removed his turban and covered the boy’s head to stop further bleeding and took him to a hospital. During their ride, they kept on talking to him to ensure he remained in his senses until they provided him with some medical supervision. They visited one hospital but due to covid their entry wasn’t allowed there. And in the other hospital, they were able to get him examined and treated.

By god’s grace, Harpreet and his friend reached the right place at the right time and their deed saved the boy’s life.

The world needs more people like Harpreet because it is the only way to make our planet liveable. Everyone should learn from them and follow their footsteps to help others selflessly.

You can watch the official video on his Youtube channel by following the link mentioned below;

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