Virat Kohli Net Worth: How Much Does He Charge for an Instagram Post?

Cricket in India is not just a sport but an emotion. India has given birth to various good cricketers that are not only acing their professional lives but personal lives too. These cricketers set an example for all the young athletes out there. Talking about cricket and cricketers, one cannot miss Virat Kohli, our former Indian captain. Virat Kohli is one of the top followed celebrities.

 Not only in India but he is the one of the top followed superstars across the globe. Tennis legend Roger Federer and football legends like Wayne Rooney and and Sergio Ramos also follow Virat Kohli on instagram. Virat Kohli currently has 253 million followers on instagram. Kohli is one of the highest earning athletes of India. 

StockGro, a Bengaluru based trading and investing company revealed that Virat Kohli’s has a staggering networth of Rs 1050 crores. The company cited Forbes, DNA, MPL, StartupTalkey as its sources. The networth is calculated from his income from cricket, social media revenues, personal assets and other business ventures. 

Virat Kohli has a contract with BCCI which is worth Rs 7 crore as he is a member of “A+” category. If we talk about the match fees, Virat Kohli ears Rs 15 lakh per test match, Rs 6 lakh from ODI and Rs 3 lakh from a single T2O match. As a part of Royal Challengers, Virat Kohli earns Rs 15 crore annually from their franchise. He is associated with more than 18 brands and charges from Rs 7.5 cr to 10 cr annually for shooting per advertisement. 

Talking about his Instagram posts, Virat Kohli charges Rs 8.9 crore Rs 2.5 crore per post on Instagram and Twitter respectively. Now if we look at his personal assets, Virat Kohli owns a house worth Rs 34 crore in Mumbai and another house worth Rs 80 crore in Gurgaon.

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