Virat Kohli V/s BCCI: Did BCCI Not Notify Virat Kohli Before Removing Him As The Captain?

India is gearing up for its tour to South Africa but ahead of the tour, a big controversy has surfaced. Virat Kohli, who is recognized as one of the greatest cricket players to have ever played the game, was replaced by Rohit Sharma as the ODI Captain for the tour. While the audience thought of it as a Virat’s decision, his latest interview has blown everyone’s mind away!

Virat Kohli had recently quit T20I Captaincy for the Indian team due to immense workload on the player. So, it was pretty normal for the fans to think that leaving the ODI Captaincy might also have been a Virat Kohli decision. But Virat expressed his displeasure on being removed as the ODI Captain. He stated that there was no prior communication between him and Board Of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI) regarding the ODI Captaincy.

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Virat Kohli had earlier expressed his wish to continue serving as the ODI & Test Captain for the Indian squad, when he announced his T20 Captaincy leave. So, the player was pretty hurt when he was told just an hour ago from the team announcement that he was no longer the ODI Captain. On the other hand, BCCI claims that the reason behind removing Kohli as the captain was that the board did not like the idea of having two separate captains for white ball cricket (limited overs format).

Rohit Sharma had already been declared as the captain of T20I, so the BCCI wanted him to take charge of the ODI squad too. BCCI President, Sourav Ganguly said that BCCI even requested Virat to not quit as the captain, while Virat claims that his decision was welcomed and appreciated by the board! 

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This has started a war on Twitter against the BCCI. While there are some people who consider it as the right decision, most of the internet is bashing the board for not treating Virat Kohli right. What has further upset the internet is Sourav Ganguly’s “Leave It To BCCI” remark when Netizens demanded justice for the cricketer.

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