Vishal Dadlani Sings A Chunk For Sidhu Moosewala’s 295 Song! Is He Trying To Convey Something?

The sudden demise of Punjabi superstar singer Sidhu Moosewala left his fans in pain and shattered the world. It’s still hard to believe that the singer who used to be in the headlines for his songs and projects is now in highlight due to his brutal murder. Many artists from across the globe mourned Sidhu’s death. Bollywood’s acclaimed singer and music composer Vishal Dadlani was one of the first artists who reacted to Moosewala’s death. 

He shared a tweet in which he stated that he knew Sidhu Moosewala through his music and he was on the top of the list of India’s very few authentic modern artists. He also addressed Sidhu Moosewala a legend and called the day very sad. 

And now it seems like we are not the only one who is not over Sidhu Moosewala’s murder yet. Vishal Dadlani surely is one among us. He has recently shared a video on his social media handles where he can be seen singing a chunk from Sidhu Moosewala’s iconic and very hit song 295. The lyrics Vishal Dadlani chose to sing speak,

“Nitt Controversy Create Milgi,

Dharmaa De Naam Te Debate Milugi.

Sach Bolega Ta Milu 295,

Je Karega Tarakki Putt Hate Milugi”

The song’s lyrics are really very powerful and the song is also believed to be connected with Moosewala’s death in a very surprising way. And now when Vishal has sung the song, we are thinking is there something he is trying to convey with this act? The song’s lyrics are enough in itself to narrate a strong message, and the people who wish to encode it can do it easily. 
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Heading to updates on Sidhu Moosewala’s murder case, the investigation is on which is revealing various twists every day.

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