Vishal Dadlani Supports CISF Guard Who Slapped Kangana Ranaut: Offers Job To Her

The slapping incident of actress-turned-politician Kangana Ranaut is in the news at the moment. Yesterday, a female CISF jawan slapped Kangana Ranaut at Chandigarh airport. The girl who slapped was angry over the statement of Rs 100 given by Kangana during the farmers’ movement.

However, she has been suspended after this incident. A complaint has also been lodged by CISF with the local police. The matter is continuously gaining momentum. Meanwhile, some Bollywood stars have supported Kangana, while Vishal Dadlani offered a job to the CISF jawan.

Singer and musician Vishal Dadlani is against the actress. He posted the video of the slapping incident and wrote that he would never support any violence, but he understands the anger of the CISF personnel. If CISF takes any action against this jawan, he will ensure that she gets a job somewhere. 

After this, he also slammed those supporting Kangana and said that ‘Whoever is in favor of Kangana, if she had said that ‘your mother is available for Rs 100 , then what would you do?

Vishal Dadlani has openly offered employment opportunity to that CISF jawan who slapped Kangana ranaut for her disrespectful remarks against farmers and their mother’s. He even slammed Kangana’s supporters.

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