Wait! Sidhu Moosewala And Prem Dhillon Might Not Actually Be In A Controversy!

All that has been going in the Punjabi Music Industry in the recent days is Prem Dhillon and Sidhu Moosewala’s controversy. Prem Dhillon’s build-up with Byg Byrd and unfollowing Sidhu Moosewala on Instagram made the audience believe that the artists were actually involved in a controversy. 

But now, when all of us had believed that the rumors of their controversy were true, viral clips from Prem Dhillon’s recent Live shows are stating the contrary. Prem Dhillon performed live at the Eros Convention Center and viral clips showed the artist singing Sidhu’s verses in front of the large crowd.

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One video shows Prem asking the musicians or the band behind him to play Sidhu’s Verse from their song ‘Old Skool’. Prem then went on to perform Sidhu’s verse live in front of the audience and the clip went viral on social media. While the audience was speculating that Prem and Sidhu are no more together, this action by Prem is confusing enough to put all of us in our thoughts.

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Prem Dhillon and Sidhu Moosewala have always had a very brotherly relationship among them. Sidhu even called Prem his little brother during a talk show. There is no doubt about the fact that Prem & Sidhu’s duo has always given the industry bangers and bangers whenever the two have collaborated.


‘Old Skool’ is undoubtedly the most successful song of Prem Dhillon’s career and it was in collaboration with Sidhu Moosewala. The chemistry of the two was loved by the audience and it was after this song that Prem & Sidhu really started getting along. Now, Prem has performed it in front of a crowd of thousands and the clips have also gone viral! What does this mean about their relationship ahead?

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