Wamiqa Gabbi Reveals The Reason Behind Rejecting Sidhu Moosewala’s Yes I Am Student

Wamiqa Gabbi Reveals The Reason Behind Rejecting Sidhu Moosewala’s Yes I Am Student

Sidhu Moosewala is all geared up for his acting career to take flight with his upcoming film Moosa Jatt on 1 October. Just after Moosa Jatt, the singer turned actor has ‘Yes I Am Student’, scheduled to be released on 22 October. The release date of the trailer of the film has also been unveiled.

Kiddaan Exclusive: Release Date Of Sidhu Moosewala’s Yes I Am Student Movie Trailer Inside

Wamiqa Gabbi, one of the most prominent actresses of the Punjabi film industry, was the first choice of the film makers to be the female lead of Yes I Am Student, but the actress eventually could not do the film, what was the reason?

Wamiqa Gabbi revealed that she was approached to play the female lead in Sidhu Moosewala’s Yes I Am Student and she was very excited about it. She wanted to do the film wholeheartedly. But the dates of the team and the actress did not match. Wamiqa said that there were some delays from the other side and then there were some misunderstandings among both the parties.

Wamiqa could not do the film because of the problem of dates. And afterwards, when she was again approached for the film, the actress had already started shooting for ‘Galwakdi’ with Tarsem Jassar. ‘Galwakdi’ is yet another anticipated project that was earlier announced to be released on 11 June but could not. 

Due to her ongoing shooting of Galwakdi, the actress again could not do the film with Sidhu Moosewala. Wamiqa explained that she wanted to do the film, the team wanted to do the film with her but it just could not happen! Be it due to the dates or due to her other projects, the film simply could not happen.

We would surely miss Wamiqa in Yes I Am Student. As of now, Mandy Takhar is going to be seen alongside Sidhu Moosewala, playing the female lead in the film. Wamiqa Gabbi also has a long list of projects ahead of her career, a couple of big Netflix films and Punjabi movies are waiting for Wamiqa!

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