Want To Know About Sunanda Sharma’s Bag Collection? Here Is All You Need

Propping yourself with amazing accessories adds more stars to your fashion look. And when it’s a handbag or a clutch it completes your go-to look very elegantly. Recently the very beautiful singer Sunanda Sharma took it to her Instagram account to share her bag collection through a reel and they are likely to be the choice of every girl when it comes to addition in the accessory slot. From cheapest to the costliest one, Sunanda owns various bags which caught our attention.

Let’s have a look at the brand and cost of her bags which she shared on her Instagram.

Victorie Monogram Canvas

  •  Brand- Louis Vuitton
  • Model No- M41731

This red and brown Victorie chain shoulder leather bag gives a modish look which makes it enough of a reason why Sunanda considers it as her favorite one. Check it here Check it here

Striped Patent Leather Tote

  •     Brand- Forever 21
  •     Product code- 0058961201

Forever 21’s transparent striped handbag is made of PVC, with a magnetic closure with two top handles, and is quite spacious. Check it here

Red Solid Heart-Shaped Transparent Bag

  •    Brand- Forever 21
  •  Product code- 4287898

This is another bag from the same brand, Forever 21. Cheapest of them all but is likely to be called ultra-modern because of its appearance and then shaped in such a way that anyone immediately gives this shoulder bag a big yes.
Check it here

White Waist Bag

  • Brand- Aldo

Fanny packs are on the peak when talking about bags. This Aldo Bum Bag is worn around your waist and is designed to hold smaller objects and daily essentials. This piece was bought by Sunanda in exchange for a pair of shoes, which according to Sunanda is not used by her at all.
Check it here

Chain it PM 2Way Shoulder Handbag

  • Brand- Louis Vuitton
  • Model No- M44115

A fashionable and attractive bag combining monogram, canvas and calf leather. This black leather sling bag is your everyday outfit prop and can be carried with any dress very beautifully giving it an elegant look. Check it here 

For most of ladies, a bag is a must-have accessory that serves both a stylish and practical use case. Perhaps, this is why Sunanda shared her bag collection for all the girls out there.
Do tell us which of these bags you like the most, spacious or stylish?


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