Was Dev Anand Really Banned By Court From Wearing Black Coat? Here’s The Truth

One of the legendary actors of Bollywood who is known for inimitable style and his killer looks, Dev Anand left behind a rich legacy of films across different genres. In a career spanning over six decades, the actor portrayed leading roles in several films such as, ‘Paying Guest’, ‘Hum Dono’, ‘Guide’, ‘Jewel Thief’, ‘Johny Mera Naam’ and ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ and many others. 

The actor who was born in Punjab’s Gurdaspur decided to become an actor after watching Ashok Kumar’s performance in Achhut Kanya. And after landing into the acting phase, he garnered a lot of love and appreciation from the people. But while most of us are aware of his success story, there is a story that has caught the fancy of cinema lovers across different generations whether Dev Saheb was actually banned from wearing a Black suit. 

Is there any truth to the story that girls would swoon and fall down when they saw him in a black suit? Amazed? Read further to know what happened. It has been said that an incident had happened during the release of his film Kala Pani (1958). The film starred Dev, Madhubala and Nalini Jaywant in lead roles.

In his movie Kala Pani, Dev Anand wore black outfits throughout the film because the father of the character he played in the movie was undergoing ‘Kala Pani’, a life sentence, for a crime he had never committed.

So, the son vowed to wear only black until he freed his father from undeserving punishment. It was the odd charm of the actor that people religiously believed in that strange story, and even till now, it’s the same.

But years later, when Dev Anand’s autobiography was published, he broke this misconception in a lively manner. Though this story does not hold any truth, it still has been told and heard for decades now. And more than just an incident, it portrays the captivating personality of Dev Anand which may incite a spark of inspiration to give the best shot in whatever a person decides for themself in life. And of course, rumours are meant to be cleared up, so here we did one for our readers.

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