Was Karan Aujla’s Instagram Account Hacked? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

A story put up on the official Instagram account of one of the biggest stars in the Punjabi Music Industry, Karan Aujla, has left the public scratching their heads. His account recently put up a story for a website named Etherlite.org. Why would Karan Aujla put up a story for this website? What is this website? Is it a promotional story or has his account been hacked? This article will answer all of your questions.

Etherlite.org (Etherlite Foundation) is actually a Blockchain Technology based firm that eliminates all the risks revolving around the use of Blockchain technology by providing a stable and sustainable blockchain ecosystem. 

Blockchain technology is a way of storing information that makes it almost impossible to change, hack or cheat the system. Etherlite foundation uses this technology. This foundation is in compliance with EU laws and mainly distributes utility tokens in the form of EtherLite (ETL).

As such we don’t know the truth behind Karan Aujla putting up the story. The real answer can only be found after an official statement from Karan or his team. But for now, we are split up in deciding if this is just a casual promotional story or if Karan’s account has been hacked and the story’s been put up deliberately.

To everyone’s surprise, Karan Aujla’s next story was even more surprising. It was also regarding a utility token service provider company named ‘Kichi Coin’. The two stories have left everyone shocked! Let’s wait for Karan and his team to offer an official statement and clear all the air regarding the issue.

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