Was Sidhu Moosewala Unhappy At The Time He Joined Congress? Here Is What He Has To Say About It

Sidhu Moosewala who recently started a new phase of his life by joining politics, is constantly hitting the headlines every other day. The singer had to face a lot of backlash after he joined the Congress party. He lost many followers, faced harsh comments from the public and had to hear a lot from them regarding the same. 

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The singer-politician had supportive hands at his back from the industry and political faces, and from the audience, his fans, too. But do you remember the public saying and noticing Sidhu’s expressions while he was at the party office, joining his hands with CM Channi led Congress? People were claiming that the artist was unhappy while joining Congress and also when he went to meet Rahul Gandhi after it. When in an interview, it was asked from the artist himself if he was really unhappy then he had a reply to it.  

He unveiled that he wasn’t unhappy but he was nervous. He was quite nervous as everything was new to him, many things were going in his mind like how to do things next. “My morale was not down, neither I was sad or unhappy, it was just as I took a new step forward in my life, many things were going on in my mind at that time.”, said Moosewala. 

When asked how he felt after joining the party, he said, though he took a big step in his life which also led him to attack many negativity and risks, he joined the party to raise the voice of people of his area and the state, and to bring forward all the issues which were faced by the people of backward areas including his locality. 

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People surely have hopes from the singer turned politician, as he is going to be a youth icon and the representative of the public. It’s a proud moment for everyone in his village. However, there is no official confirmation on the news if Sidhu Moosewala will stand as a candidate in the upcoming elections but Navjot Sidhu has said, “Whether or not he will fight the election, it will be decided later. Soon, he will meet the high command of the party as well.” 

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